David Gibbs Entomology and Natural History

Micro-bee flies, Mythicomyiidae

These tiny flies, once included within the Bombyliidae are a favourite group of mine and I have been lucky enough to describe two species new for science.

Gibbs, D.J. 2007. Mythenteles andalusica sp.n. (Diptera, Mythicomyiidae) from Southern Spain and the first description of the male of M. infrequens Evenhuis & Blasco-Zumeta, 2003. Zootaxa 1533: 63–68.

Gibbs, D.J. 2009. A new microbombyliid Mythenteles rameli sp.n. (Diptera, Mythicomyiidae) from Northern Greece. Zootaxa 2162: 50–56