David Gibbs Entomology and Natural History

David Gibbs, Consultant Entomologist and Naturalist.

This website is primarily intended as a forum for my work on bee flies (Bombyliidae) and big-headed flies (Pipunculidae) but will also be a repository for reports on my numerous other natural history interests.

 About me.

An enthusiastic naturalist with wide interests for over 40 years, I have been a professional survey entomologist since 1984, going freelance in 1991. My wide interests have given me considerable taxonomic scope ideally suited to environmental impact assessments (EIA's), land management plans and habitat quality assessments.

Contact me at:- mob. 07703763386

email DavidJGibbs6@Sky.com or DavidJGibbs6@googlemail.com. CV here


Publications and reports

Most of the more important ones listed below.

Gibbs, D.J., Barnes, E. & Cox, J. 2001. Pigeons & Doves: A guide to the Pigeons and Doves of the World. Pica.

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Gibbs, D.J. 2011. A world revision of the bee fly tribe Usiini (Diptera, Bombyliidae)— Part 1: Usia subgenus Micrusia, U. versicolor (Fabricius) (= black-haired species) and Usia martini François Zootaxa 2960: 1–77 (abstract

Gibbs, D.J. 2014. A world revision of the bee fly tribe Usiini (Diptera, Bombyliidae) Part 2: Usia sensu stricto. Zootaxa. 3799:1-85 (abstract)